Surface preparation by blasting in accordance with the standards SIS 05 5900 1984 (Swedish Standards Institution), SSPC Vis 1 (Steel Structures Painting Council), NACE RM 01-70 (National Association of Corrosion Engineers), as well as ISO, British Standards, Petrobras Standards, ABNT/INMETRO (Brazilian Technical Standards Association), etc.
Hhydro blasting and humid sandblasting with or without corrosion inhibitors
Solvent cleaning and degreasing
High-pressure water cleaning (3000psi)
Industrial painting
Special protective coatings and linings even underwater
Coal tar enamel (C-203, C-205 and C-210) as per AWWA Standards (American Waters Works Association) or Petrobras Standards
Protective coatings on masonry and concrete
Rent of equipments and quality control instruments
Cathodic protection design and maintenance
Anticorrosion procedures
Design, construction and demolition of masonry, concrete and metallic structures.