____Founded in January 1994 our company aims to fight corrosion using up to date anticorrosion technology such as organic and inorganic protective coatings and linings, cathodic protection, state of the art materials specifications, etc. Our staff encompasses specialized and experienced professionals that analyze our clients' corrosion problems and provide customized solutions that are both economical and reliable.

____Since its beginning ALFA has been working to spread corrosion knowledge and the unavoidable necessity of corrosion control. Although corrosion is a very important subject for engineers, architects and technicians, it used to be neglected to a second or even a third level of importance by self proclaimed "experienced" engineers or by trainees, the former usually saying "I have always done this way and I never had a trouble" while the later usually didn’t have the proper teaching in college or elsewhere.

____Each year hundreds of engineers, architects and high school technicians enter the work market lacking the necessary basic ability to deal with materials protection. Very often these people specify protective coatings unsuitable for the environment they should resist because their selection is done on an immediate tag price instead of economical and reliability basis. As a result corrosion cost soars and now a days it is believed to amount up to 5% (five percent) of GNP!

____The correct use of unsophisticated anticorrosive technology may save 25% of the corrosion cost in a country, and even more in a company, as states Fontana in his book "Corrosion Engineering", citing a company that, through intensive efforts, plummeted its corrosion cost from US$2 million to a mere US$53 thousand annually.

____Corrosion protection yields better technological activities and gives the staff the necessary consciousness to deal with plants and equipment inspection and maintenance. We, in ALFA, have always been looking after our clients’ equipments as if they were our own, working hard to assure high efficiency, the best quality in accordance with the latest issues of Brazilian and international standards. The constant training of ALFA staff, both technical and administrative, aims the harmony of every person individually and when working in a team, resulting the very best to our clients.


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